Established in OCTOBER 1996, RADIANT SHIPPING LIMITED is a boutique BANGLADESHI owned and operated company specializing in providing customized service to our clients. RADIANT SHIPPING LIMITED was specifically designed to meet the growing demand for agency services that exceeded traditional expectations.

We are handling vessels of all kinds such as General Cargo, Bulk, Break Bulk, RO-RO, Container, Liquid, Defense, UN Cargo, Project Cargo, Heavy Lift Cargo Vessel, Goodwill Vessel, & Demo Vessels regular basis at Chattogram and Mongla Port.

Our operational, finance and management team have been selected for their broad knowledge of the industry, their dedication to customer service, and for their motivation to strive for the best results for our clients.

Attention to safety, security, and compliance is very much a part of the fabric of RSL staff and culture. RSL monitors upcoming and potential changes to legislation and industry requirements to ensure our client’s interests are protected at all times.

Shipping Services:

Radiant Shipping Services
  • Ship Agency (Liner & Tramper) Owner’s Agents.
  • Chartering of Bulk, Tanker, Tugs, Barges, and Offshore Vessels.
  • Project & Heavy Lift Cargo Handling.
  • Act as Owner’s Agent or Owner’s Protecting Agent or Chatterer’s Agent.
  • Agents for Vessels Arriving in Chattogram for Scrapping/Demolition.
  • Agents for Vessels Arriving in Chattogram for BUNKERING/SHIP REPAIR.
  • Acting as Protecting Agents of Vessels Belonging to Foreign Owners.
  • Afloat ship repairs at anchorage and offshore supplies.
  • Arrangement of Cargo, Stevedores, Survey, and Supplies to Chandler, Repairs, to Ship.
  • Clearance of Offshore Vessels in and Out of the Port.
  • Inward/Outward entry with Port/Customs/Immigration.
  • Handling and forwarding of spare parts.
  • Clearance of Material to and from Offshore Vessels.
  • Dry or Liquid Cargo Loading/Unloading Operations in all BANGLADESH Ports and Oil Terminals.
  • Crew Sign OFF/ON from Any Kinds of Vessels.
  • Check Tally Works & Other Necessary Survey Works.
  • Logistics Service (Road, River & Air).
  • Customs Clearing and Forwarding.
  • Inspections and Surveys.
  • CTM Delivery.
  • Fresh Water Supply.
  • Clearance & Delivery of Ship’s spares, Stores in arriving in transit at Dhaka/Chattogram.
  • All kinds of Ship and Cargo Survey including Underwater Inspections.
  • Ships Repair.
  • Supply and Delivery of Provisions and Stores.
  • And all services required by Master/Owners.
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