Project Equipment

Project Equipment

Our Engineering Equipment & Erection section provides an effective response to the clients' specific needs by implementing the proper equipment on the project exactly when the client requires it at very competitive budget.

Client has the option to select from a range of cargo handling equipment from reputed manufacturers. Telescopic cranes, all terrain cranes, excavators, hydras, forklifts, pay loaders etc. are available on demand.

To cope up with Twenty First century and state-of-art range of cargo handling equipment is the core infrastructure of our Engineering Equipment & Erection devision. The main idea is to make available and deploy world class equipment to handle all kinds of cargo efficiently and cost effectively while maintaining high standards of safety and quality of services throughout the different routs of this country.

The Engineering Equipment & Erection section is capable of providing strategic support to the client when equipment is needed during rough weather, peak periods or when the client has a project that requires a specialized machine.

Engineering Equipment & Erection section a well-maintained diversified fleet to choose from our reliable professional service at competitive rental cost. We will deliver the equipment directly to the job-site, possibly anywhere in the country, for your convenience. It's all part of our commitment ot excellence in service and performance.

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