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Being the Managing Director of renowned shipping agent company Mr. Shafiqul Alam Jewel is working with all shipping business affairs with entire satisfaction of principles in home and abroad.

Having acquired practical and sufficient sound experience of handling a good number of vessels as a shipping agent in discharging various types of general and heavy cargo most efficiently and safely is his profession.

Director of Amms Logistics Involving Business

It is very much pleasure to mention that he is the Director of Bangladesh Shipping Agents Association and also, the Joint Secretary of Bangladesh Super Market Owners Association (BSOA).

He operates jetty Berth No: 2 as a berth Operator in Chittagong Port, Bangladesh. And therefore, he is very much well connected with the high officials of Port and Customs authorities and maintaining very good relationship friendly terms with them and consequently, it becomes almost easy to get all required guidance and assistance to finalize any sort of complicated situation soonest.

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